Saturday, June 1, 2013

Take Me Back?

Dearest Blog,

It's been way to long
since we last met
You probably feel abandoned
real angry too, I bet

Please accept my apology
in this sorry excuse of a poem
I truly suck at rhyming
but for you, I'll totally write 'em!

A million excuses I can make
for my real long disappearance:
No motivation, or inspiration,
and other forms of interference

But I honestly don't quite know
why I fully stopped writing
However, one thing's certain
I'm back to this world of blogging

It'll take some time and patience
for me to sort things out
But real soon you'll be, as they say:
"up and running about"

For I can never truly forget you
and the good times spent together
Oh, the guilt I feel for leaving
will stick with me forever

Thus ends my first ever poem
and probably my last
I hope you'll forgive me
and we'll be friends again, real fast

Who would've thought after a too-long break, I actually managed to be brave and logged back onto! Several months and many life altering changes have passed by, and during those times I'd like to think I've somehow grown - at least to a certain extent where I know more about myself, and is able to face my fear of "returning to something that I've abandoned for a long time" (it's an actual thing, you know).

I've changed my blog's layout, gave it a new title and reverted all my old posts into the drafts folder - in hopes of creating a clean slate for myself.

Hopefully this time, I'll get this blogging thing right, and also that some people still bother with reading the things I have to say - I mean, how bout that poem, right? Right?

xo and smiles,



  1. Hahaha the poem is genius!! I hope it's ironical? (if not, I'm sorry :p) Looking foreward to your new posts! I took an almost year break from blogging too, sometimes you just have too many other things to be busy with right? And if I don't feel like writing then nothing I don't want to fill up my blog with stupid content, you know what I mean? I think the golden rule (of non professional blogging) is to only write if you really feel like it and want to read the post again in 20 years :) At least that's how I think about it haha :p Good luck with your blog! (And I will come back to check your new posts for sure :p)


  2. Great poem, and great pictures! I'm glad you're back :)


  3. Very creative and interesting! Welcome back :)

    Simone, XO

  4. Love the Poem, Love the Pictures too.
    Claudia xx


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