Saturday, July 25, 2015


Well known fact: you cannot spell Essaouira, the beautiful harbor city only two hours away from Marrakesh, without the word “Ira” – and that is why I am concluding that this city, dubbed as “The Wind City of Africa” is where I should spend the rest of my life in. Beautiful views of beaches and fortresses, pleasant hippie atmosphere, cheap souvenirs*, and the perfect breezy weather during summer is just a few things that I will put in my powerpoint presentation that I’m making to convince my parents that at the very least Essaouira should be the destination for our next family holiday. 

Essaouira is what I imagine European towns to look like, and maybe at a glance you also might think that due to all the french writings and European tourists roaming around the city. But once you notice the shops selling amazing Moroccan rugs and pottery, along with sweets and snails (yes, there are street vendors selling cooked snails - to eat), it is clear that you are not in a Schengen country. 

Whilst the narrow winding streets of the city can make it very easy for you to get lost (I myself got lost at least 3 times in one day), the merchants and colorful doors at every turn can make getting lost really fun. Plus, if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you would probably want to (really) visit this place, because you know, Astapor and all that Khaleesi goodness (aka this is where they shot the Astapor scenes).

Oh, and have I mentioned they sell cheap, delicious, perfectly fluffy nutella crepes? Boom. Another reason to visit Essaouira. 

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*then again, everywhere is cheaper when compared to Marrakesh.

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