Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First World Pains

This is me, right now.

When real life problems - problems that need to be dealt with - hit me, I would generally tend to avoid thinking about it altogether and instead focus on menial topics such as, 'What would I do if I had a million dollars?' 'Why can't I decide on what nail polish to wear??' or 'I still can't believe Rick proposed to Kate on Castle!!'

I know this is an unhealthy attitude. Heck, I've known for quite some time now. But I guess I've done this for a long time and as they say: Old habits die hard.

But guess what? It's mid-2013 (geez, already?), we're in the future here kiddos, so I say anything can happen - including change.

Wow, if Uni doesn't work out I should consider being a speechwriter or a motivational speaker. No? Ok.

I'm considering getting one of those prank pens where if you click it, it'll give you a mini electric shock. So say I'm supposed to be studying yet my mind wanders off to those awesome pair of shoes I have to have, I'll just click said electric pen and let it buzz my mind out of my shoe wonderland. Or maybe every other time - baby steps. I read about doing things like this - or maybe I watched an episode of something with this method of breaking habits, not sure. The idea is to attach physical bad feelings (being buzzed) when doing the wrong thing and hopefully in time it'll break whatever habit it is you wish to break. The point is, if I've seen it somewhere, it should work. Right?

Oh well, back to shoes browsing studying I go!

xo and smiles,

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