Thursday, June 13, 2013

Flatly Cute

I've been looking for a new pair of black ballet flats for quite some time now because let's face it - if any girl could own only one pair of going out shoes (because sneakers are totally another thing) - it should be a pair of black flats. My current go to flats are a pair of these babies from crocs, and whilst they are amazingly comfy to wear, between the hate I got from my old work friends back in Oz (because according to them, all shoes labelled 'crocs' are horrendous) and the abundant amount of cheap crocs knock-off in Indonesia, not to mention how slippery they get on the wet roads of Bandung, I think it's time for a new pair of staple shoes.

And simply because I'm in a rather cute mood, I'm currently lusting over these cuties...

1. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Slippers - $501.12 (USD) || 2. ASOS Little Miss Ballet Flats - $30.66 (AUD) || 3. ASOS Lucas Ballet Flats - $43.80 (AUD) || 4. Wondershoe for Ba-na-na Kitty Flats Rp.150000 (IDR)

The Charlotte Olympia flats are obviously my number one choice, because it's just. so. cute. And surely that price tag promises quality, yes? However, even if I did somehow manage to come up with over half a grand USD, I probably would not use it to buy those shoes. Buying it is one thing, but trying to justify the purchase is another. With all the damage I could do to it through my daily activities (think running through rocky, muddy footpaths and heavy rain almost all year round), these shoes mind just end up in a display case in my room instead of on my feet. So much for staple shoes.

Thankfully there are several other cute flats out there that doesn't cost nearly as much (and that doesn't look like knock-offs). If I weren't looking for a black pair of flats - I'd totally buy these babes.

So excuse me while I continue to contemplate my future shoe purchases..

xo and smiles,


  1. Those. Are. Seriously. So. CUTE. Man, but over 500$? That's crazy! I guess if the shoe fits haha...but really. I agree--if I somehow came up with 500$, my conscience wouldn't let me spend it one shoes.
    Good luck with your shoe shopping!

  2. I love the Charlotte Olympia ones <3 xx

  3. sooo cute- want to by one for myself :)

  4. Typically number one are totally my favorites, but waaaay out of my price range. They have some like this in a stationary store in Korea at the moment, but sadly they don't go upto my size! Sad times!


    Head High Heart Strong

  5. These are all adorable. There are plenty of cute flats that are affordable for the average human being! I love those mouse ones from ASOS. Following you on Bloglovin'. (:

    May the Force be with you.

  6. Hello dear, nice your blog and cute post, now I follow you with pleasure, if you like passing by me, I'd love what you think of my last post ;)

    Kiss Tea.


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