Sunday, July 21, 2013

And So I Put My Reading Glasses On

What happens when you leave me in a bookstore for over two hours? I go crazy buying books, that's what. And what happens when I receive a $10 voucher from my online magazine shop - Zinio? I go crazy hauling some mags, obviously. And if both of these situations happen in same the time? I end up extremely happy.

That's basically the highlight of my week - hauling on several reads and reading until the sun shows up the next day. Since a couple of months ago I stopped reading novels and magazines completely in order to focus on my university entrance exams. But now that that's over and done with I thought what better way to spend your free time than to get new books to read? Nothing, really - considering it's ramadan (which for me means the activities I can do are limited by my inability to eat nor drink during daytime) and all my friends are busy with either uni things or getting into uni...

So yeah, I hauled.

My bookstore haul consisted of two magazines, a novel, a biography, a true-story compilation and a motivational book. Talk about variety, huh? The Originals by Cat Patrick was a book I got a week earlier from book depository but I thought I'd include it here as well.

As for my Zinio haul, I had to search for a while for several magazines so I could make the best of my $10 voucher, so imagine my happiness when I found that Cosmopolitan UK magazines were sold for 99 cents each! I don't usually buy Cosmo but for under a dollar each how could I resist? In the end I bought four issues of Cosmo UK - consisting of the current issue and three pasts issues, along with the latest issue of Women's Health (not shown).

With the exception of the July edition of Cosmo being $1.99 for some reason (but still a major bargain), the grand total of my Zinio haul came to just a few cents off of $10. That's an efficient use of a ten dollar voucher, if I do say so myself...

And thus my whole week consisted of reading, reading, tweeting (mostly about my reads), and more reading. I was in bookworm heaven.

xo and smiles,


  1. Oh there is nothing so lovely as spending time to read in summer! Books and magazines are fine by me haha! Can't believe cosmo is availible for that cheap :O definetely going to have to search around now haha!

    1. i know right? i tried googling for more info about the cheap cosmos but couldnt find anything, so that's a tad weird..

  2. I love buying new books! At the moment I'm trying to not buy books because I can't keep them so it's all about book swaps! I studied lit at uni and gave up on reading things I wanted to read, it was so nice being able to pick and choose again once I graduated!


    1. oooh book swaps! that's a great idea! although sometimes i get too attached to my books that i just can't give them away, oops..

      wow i don't think i can handle years without being able to read freely, but i guess that's what studies do to you..

  3. I do the same thing whenever I'm in a bookstore :) It looks like a great haul!


  4. Amazing haul! To be honest, I haven't really read many new books for fun as of late! I'll have to check out some of your picks!

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  5. Looks like a lot of good reads! I wish I had more time to read!

    barnes & noble is my second home like wow yes

    Just followed you and would love for you to follow back(:
    Can't wait for more posts!

    xx Shirley

  7. I love spending time at the bookstore too!! Such a great way to pass time in the summer.

    xoxo Emily


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